J Track Sections

120V Single Circuit Track

Designed for nearly every application and interior environment, our extensive 120V Track collection offers hundres of luminaires that integrate cutting edge design and aerospace detailing with designer glass and metal finishes. Versatile yet sturdy, the track systems can be surface mounted or suspended from the ceiling, liberating luminaires from the constraints of rigid mountings and enabling the lighting design to adapt to changing styles and spaces.

Power per Circuit: 120V, 1920W max

Operating Current: Rated 20A max

May be field cut and easily installed on a variety of surfaces

Available extension accessories

Use compatible Quick Connect™ pendants and fixtures with each system

End caps and mounting hardware included

Retrofits into many popular track systems on the market today.


System Model / Length Finish

J-J series Track

T2- 2 feet

T4- 4 feet

T6- 6 feet

T8- 8 feet


BN-Brushed Nickel


Includes two matching end caps

Specification Sheet

Instruction Sheet

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