W Track

120V / 277V Recessed Track - Flanged

Heavy duty recessed architectural grade track with two independently controllable circuits

Power per Circuit: 1920W max (120V), 4432 W max (277V)

Operating Current: Each circuit is rated 20A (2 x 20A = 40A max)

Compliance to California Title 24 or ASHRAE 90.1 requirements with WAC Track Current Limiter:
Live End (Left), Live End (Right)

120V or 277V Recessed Track System (Flanged) provides two separate 20 AMP circuits. 

Each circuit can be independently switched.

Available in black powder coat, white powder coat, or platinum anodized finishes.

Heavy duty rigid track design.

Clean recessed architectural look in a flanged installation.


Model Length Track Type Finish

WT - 120V

WHT - 277V

4 - 4ft

8 - 8ft

12 - 12ft

RT - Flanged




Each section includes two matching end caps.

Specification Sheet

Instruction Sheet

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