4" Aperture Precision Modules - MT4-1X1-R
Non-IC Remodel MR16

Precision Modules provide high performance illumination for applications such as retail and hospitality. The modular 4" Series utilizing MR16 Low Voltage modules. They are fully extendable and feature a high degree of adjustability along with two locking screws to ensure proper aiming - even during re-lamping. The Precision Module Series provides the flexibility required for today's unique merchandising and accent lighting applications.

Die-formed 20 gauge steel 

Module allows 350° rotation, 180° vertical adjustment

Non-IC rated  

Aperture frame formed of heavy-duty 16-gauge steel 

Optional white trim provides a finished look 

*Only available as complete unit



Model Cell Description



1 x 1

1 x 1

Remodel Housing - Trim

Remodel Housing - Trimless



Configuration Cell Lamp Input



S - Same

MR16 - MR16

G - 120V


75W max

Lamp: 12V, MR16, order separately

Specification Sheet

IES Files - right click > "Save target as" to download

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