Flexible Spot Lights - MM-204

Adjustable for a variety of display applications, the bendable, low and line voltage Flex luminaires are designed and engineered with a unique, sturdy yet flexible cable arm for easy aiming and illuminating hard to light areas. Offered in multiple finishes and lengths to complement any décor. The "ME" style contains an electronic transformer in the canopy. The "MI" and "MM" mini canopies use remote transformers and are widely used for display work. MM-204 requires behind the surface access.

Opposite side access required for installation

Installs in walls, ceilings, or furniture wherever accessible from both sides up to thickness of 1 inch

Remote transformer required (order separately)

1 watt minimum load

Accepts 12V LED MR16 or Halogen MR16 lamps up to 50W max

LED MR16 included when ordered as LED

Can be ceiling or wall mounted

Bulb shield option (order separately)

Lens not included

Model Lamping Finish





BK -Black



Lamp: Halogen - 12V, 50W max, MR11G/MR16G, order separately
LED - LED MR16, order separately

Specification Sheet

Instruction Sheet

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Remember to order housing.


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