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Solorail™ Fixture Kit (250W)

Offering a fresh approach to creating a simple flexible rail system for any room, choose from five different rail and fixture combinations with the Solorail 5 Light Kit featuring over 10 feet of rail, as well as power supply and mounting components. 

Kit Includes

Quantity Model No. Finish Description
3 LM-T3 DB-Dark Bronze Rail Sections(42")
2 LM-I DB-Dark Bronze I Connector
2 LM-EC DB-Dark Bronze End Caps
1 LM-EN12-250E DB-Dark Bronze 250w Surface Mount Electronic Transformer
4 LM-X4 DB-Dark Bronze Standoff Supports(4 1/2")
5 MR16-EXN   50w MR16 Lamp
5 QF-8111-AS/DB Amber/Dark Bronze Quick Connect Fixture


Model Finish

LM-K8111- Solorail™ Fixture Kit

AS/DB-Amber/Dark Bronze

Additional Fixture

Model Finish

QF-8111- Fixture and socket only

AS/DB-Amber/Dark Bronze

Add one additional fixtures or pendants by using lower wattage lamps, 20W and 35W lamps available.
Do not exceed 250W

Specification Sheet

Instruction Sheet

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