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Solorail™ 4 Light Pendant Kits (250W) LM-K592

Liberate your creativity with custom decorative rail installations made simple and convenient with a Solorail 4 Light Kit that can be custom designed for any lighting plan.  The kit includes over 10 feet of rail, power supply and mounting components in designer finishes with the options to choose from five stunning glass pendant styles.


Quantity Model No. Finish Description
3 LM-T3 DB-Dark Bronze Rail Sections(42")
2 LM-I DB-Dark Bronze I Connector
2 LM-EC DB-Dark Bronze End Caps
1 LM-EN12-250E DB-Dark Bronze 250w Surface Mount Electronic Transformer
4 LM-X4 DB-Dark Bronze Standoff Supports(4 1/2")
4 JC-50 CL-Clear Clear 50w Lamp
4 QP-G592-AB/DB AB-Amber/Dark Bronze Amber glass with black powder frits


Model Finish

LM-K592- Solorail™ Pendant Kit

AB/DB-Amber/Dark Bronze

Additional Pendants

Model Finish

QP-G592- *Limited availability, consult factory

AB/DB-Amber/Dark Bronze

Add one additional 50W pendant or remove one pendant and add two additional 50W fixtures to maximize use of the 250W system.

Specification Sheet

Instruction Sheet

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