Flexrail2™ Rail Sections HM-T4/T8

Flexrail2™ is a flexible two-circuit line voltage rail system featuring a stunning contemporary look with a complete palette of lighting tools, enabling a multitude of choices from line and low voltage spots, floods, pendants, compact fluorescent wall washers, and HID accent lights. The two circuits can be used independently (up to 1920 watts on each circuit) or jointly switched (up to a total of 3840 watts) for a single application. This enhanced capability fulfills the need for either additional controllability or greater carrying capacity. Flexrail2™ is perfect for residential, commercial, hospitality and retail environments.

  • Bendable 120v monorail 2400w down rated to 1920w maximum
  • Includes two matching end caps


Model Length Finish

HM - Flexrail2™

T4 - 4ft

T8 - 8ft

DB - Dark Bronze

PT - Platinum


Specification Sheet

Instruction Sheet

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