Track Current Limiter

  1. Is the track current limiter UL listed?
    Yes, they are UL & CUL listed for both the United States and Canada. 

  2. When do we need to use a track current limiter?
    The WAC track current limiter is used in order to comply with California Title 24 or ASHRAE 90.1 requirements. If your area is covered by one of those regulations, you will need a track current limiter.

  3. What does a current limited do?
    If the track is overloaded, the current limiter circuit breaker will trip and shut down power to the track. The device may be reset when the overall sum of fixture wattage are reduced below the circuit breaker rating.

  4. How do I order a track current limiter?
    The current limiter can be used with our 120V track system (H, L, J and J2).  See page 250 of WAC Lighting catalog for more information on this, or contact a WAC Lighting Specialist at 800.526.2588.
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