Quick Connect™ Elements

1. Are all of your QUICK CONNECT™ Elements UL listed?

Yes. They are UL and CUL listed for boththe United States and Canada.


2. What is a QUICK CONNECT™ Element?

“Elements” are low voltage fixtures or pendants that connect to a QUICK CONNECT™ Adapter.  The adapter then attaches to the rail or track to provide a simple connection for the elements. The QUICK CONNECT™ feature allows the same elements to be used on multiple systems throughout an installation.


3. What systems do the ‘QUICK CONNECT™’ elements work with?

The QUICK CONNECT™ track luminaires and pendants work with the following systems;


4. How do I order QUICK CONNECT™ pendants?

You may order them as a complete unit to be used on any of the compatible systems. This includes shade, lamp and the socket set, for example: QP515-MF/CH.(Quick Connect™ Adapter sold separately – see below)  
You can also order as a complete unit with a Monopoint Canopy which includes the Shade, Lamp, Socket Set and the Canopy. Example: MP-515-MF/CH. 


NOTE: LED options are also available for most shades, see catalog or website for more details on how to order.

 The following table specifies the QUICK CONNECT™ adapter associated with your lighting system.

  System type

  Adapter Model




Attaches fixture to low voltage SOLORAIL™™.



Attaches fixture to low voltage DUORAIL™™.



Includes integral transformer

  120V Track


Allows all Quick Connect™ elements to be used with 120V Track Systems
x = specify track type   (H, L, J or W)



Monopoint and Multipoint Canopies which allow all Quick Connect™ Elements to be used

Please specify the finish when you place order on the QUICK CONNECT™ adapter.


5. In what lengths are QUICK CONNECT™ track fixtures offered?

While it varies by fixture, the Quick Connect™ fixtures are offered in 3”, 6” and 12” depending upon the fixture you choose. See catalog or our website for more specific information. 


6. Can QUICK CONNECT™ fixtures be field cut?

No. The rigid tubes have an inner wire and cannot be shortened.


7. Can the QUICK CONNECT™ fixtures be extended longer than 12 inches?

Yes, they can be extended with the Q-X18, Q-X24, Q-X36, and Q-X48 extension rods.


8. When purchasing a QUICK CONNECT™ fixture is there anything else I need to purchase?
If you have purchased one of the following fixtures, you will need to also purchase a G100 series shade to go with it.  (181, 184, 186, 187, 188,190, 194, or 195.)
If you did not purchase the LED standard version, you will need to also purchase a lamp for the fixture. Either a MR16 or an LEDMR16 will work.
All QUICK CONNECT™ fixtures must be purchased with a Quick Connect adapter or a canopy to utilize it on a compatible system. (see above for ordering information.)  


9. Can these fixtures be used with a two-circuit line voltage track?

Yes, you can use them on the J2 track (two-circuit track). You will need an EN-JQ50AR QUICK CONNECT™ adapter and a JCLIP in order to connect the QUICK CONNECT™ fixture to the track.


10. Can QUICK CONNECT™ Elements be used on sloped ceilings?

You have two options in order to mount to a Sloped ceiling.
1. They can be mounted to various systems that can be suspended from a sloped ceiling, such as 120V Track, FLEXRAIL1™, SOLORAIL™, and DUORAIL™ systems.  
2. We offer a Sloped Ceiling Canopy (QMP-S60ERN) which will allow Quick Connect™ Elements to be mounted to a Sloped ceiling.


11. Are QUICK CONNECT™ Elements energy efficient and sustainable?
While most QUICK CONNECT™ Elements are able to utilize LED Lamps, we offer a wide range of these in a Standard LED option with the LEDs complete with the fixture.  See our catalog or website for complete ordering information.   


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