Premium line Voltage Xenon Light Bars

  1. Are the BA-LIX Line Voltage Light Bars UL listed?
    Yes, they are UL & CUL listed for both United States and Canada.
  2. What is the lamp requirement of the Line Voltage Light Bars?
    They use G8 bi-pin 120 volt 25 watt lamps.
    Model Voltage Lamps Wattage Length
    BA-LIX-1 120V 1 X 25W 25W 6"
    BA-LIX-2 120V 2 X 25W 50W 12"
    BA-LIX-3 120V 3 X 25W 75W 18"
    BA-LIX-4 120V 4 X 25W 100W 24"
    BA-LIX-6 120V 6 X 25W 150W 36"

  3. For direct wiring, does the Line Voltage Light Bar come with knock-outs?
    Yes.  In addition to the knock-outs, a “BA-I” connector is included with each light bar, and various length interconnect cables are available for purchase for simplified connectability.
  4. How is chain wiring of fixtures accomplished?
    The fixture is supplied with sufficient internal wire to reach any of the knock out locations. This is high temperature wire, so do not run other wires through the fixture. However external wires may enter the fixture up to an 1 ½” so that wire nut connections can be made.
  5. How many fixtures can be wired together?
    Fixtures combination may be wired together up to 700 watts. 
  6. Can the BA-LIX be dimmed?
    Yes. They have a built-in Hi-Lo switch.  When using an additional wall dimmer (a regular incandescent) be sure to leave the Hi-Lo switch in the high setting.
  7. Can I use clear lenses instead of the frosted lenses supplied with the Light Bars?
    Yes. You may purchase the LENS-BAL-CL lens to replace the supplied frosted lens.  They are fitted with the frosted lens to reduce glare.
  8. Can these fixtures be installed in a damp location?
    Yes. They are suitable for damp locations, above a sink for example, but not wet locations.
  9. Can the light bars be installed above a stove or fireplace?
  10. Do the light bars get hot?
    Yes.  The light bars get hot due to the nature of xenon light bulbs, do not touch the light bulbs when the fixture has been on for any period of time.
    LINE VOLTAGE UNDERCABINET LIGHT BARS have a Five-Year Warranty and are Responsibly produced in the WAC clean, zero landfill manufacturing campus.


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