Linear™ Track System

  1. Is your Linear™ Track System UL listed?
    Yes, it is UL & CUL listed for the United States and Canada.

  2. What material is your Linear™ track made or? Can this type of track be cut?
    The track is made of polycarbonate. Yes, the Linear™ track may be field-shortened with chop saw/ hacksaw.

  3. Is the Linear™ System low or line voltage?
    It is low voltage. It requires the use of a transformer to power the track. The transformer must be placed before the power feed, as all components of the Linear™ track are designed to operate at 12V or 24V.

  4. What type of transformers can I use with the low voltage Linear™ System track?
    We have two types of transformers - electronic and magnetic. The SST-60E (60W) and SST-150E (150W) are surface mount electronic transformers. They have a built-in on-off switch and are designed to be used at the beginning of a Linear™ track run. Remote transformers may also be used. Any enclosed unit from the EN-12 electronic transformer series will be a good choice, the exact model number being dependent on your system wattage. The SRT-300M (300W), SRT-500M (500W), SRT-600M (600W) and SRT-1000M (1000W) are magnetic transformers. Magnetic transformers have large system capacities and are available as 12V and 24V.

  5. Why do you offer both 12 and 24 voltage transformers?
    12 volt is the most common type of low volt lighting but is limited in its ability to support higher wattage loads or longer runs. 12 volts is best for runs of less than 20 feet. 24 volts is more useful in a long run.

  6. You offer a 1000 watt transformer, does this mean I can run 1000 watts on a track?
    No, The track has wattage limits that must not be exceeded. The limit is 240 watts for a 12 volt system and 480 watts for a 24 volt system. The outputs of larger capacity transformers can be split into multiple runs.

  7. What is the capacity of the Linear™ System track?
    The track has 12 gauge solid copper conductors and is rated for 20 amps. That is the reason for the wattage limits mentioned above.

  8. What do you mean, when you say “a run” of track?
    A run is defined as a transformer, the wires from the transformer leading to a live end connector, and the length of track.

  9. Your instructions state that you should use 12 gauge wire when feeding the live end from the transformer. Why?
    The track is rated for 20 amps. A 12 gauge wire is needed to handle the load.

  10. Can the Linear™ System be dimmed?
    Yes. When using the SST series or EN-12 series electronic transformers, electronic low voltage dimmers are recommended. When using the SRT series magnetic transformers, the system will require the use of low voltage magnetic dimmers.

  11. I want to use the Linear™ Track for under cabinet lighting. Which bulbs should I use, and how far apart should I space them?
    To achieve a medium light level, we recommend 10 watts per foot. This makes calculations easier. You can then use the SBH-110 fixtures with 5W lamps spaced every six inches, for example. The SF-209, SF-202 and SF-211 are also a good choice for cabinet lighting applications.

  12. How do I suspend a Linear™ Track from the ceiling? What type of accessories do I need?
    You must use the track carrier (SC4, SC8), which sold separately. It provides the point of attachment for the suspension kit and provides rigidity to the track. The aircraft cable suspension kit (SCK) consists of two canopies, cables, and hardware. The electrical feed is made through a flexible wire and a live end (SLE), sold separately. The cables can be adjusted to any length up to 48”.

  13. In what applications do I need to use a track carrier? Can I paint the track carriers?
    You will require track carriers when suspending the track from the ceiling. The track carrier provides rigidity and a finished look. They are made of an extruded aluminum, and are available in black, white or platinum in 4’ and 8’ lengths. You may paint them to color-match any interior.
    Contact our WAC Lighting Specialist for more information, 800.526.2588.

  14. Can the SJS jumper connector be lengthened?
    Yes. use 12 AWG, 300V, 60C rated stranded wire.

  15. Can I extend a Linear™ fixture like the regular track system?
    No. The adapter is too small to allow any modification.

  16. Is the Linear™ System suitable for use in an outdoor setting?
    No. The Linear™ System is intended for use in dry locations only.

  17. Is the Linear™ System conduct feedable?
    The surface mount transformers have an adapter to accept BX or non-metallic sheathed cable connectors on the primary side. You can also use the SBXLE, it provides a standard sized opening that accepts BX or non-metallic sheathed cable wires and encloses the live end.

  18. Are all of the connectors feedable?
    Only the live end (SLE) accepts power wires, even if you are using the SFC-150E floating canopy feed, you will need to order one or more live ends (see diagrams 1 & 2).

  19. If using the SFC-150E Floating Canopy Connector with transformer, do I need a live end?
    Yes, the SFC-150E floating canopy conceals a 150W electronic transformer, and wire connections. There are four “breakouts” in the floating canopy. Tracks can enter to form an “I”, “L” or “X” configuration. Live ends (SLE) are required to power the tracks from a floating feed (see diagram 1 & 2).

  20. Can the floating canopy connector power a track anywhere along the length?
    The floating canopy does not power a track. Power feed is always accomplished through a live end connector, which is sold separately. The canopy serves to conceal the live end wiring. The SFC-150E also conceals a transformer (see diagrams 1 & 2).
    If you wish to power two track sections using a power source at the center joint you would need two live-ends at each track and one SFC.

  21. Do you have a device that enables me to mount a track to the wall?
    No. The Linear™ system is not designed to be mounted to a wall.

  22. How do I achieve the look of a “hidden light source” under my cabinet?
    You may use the SLB Light Baffle (available in white or platinum) to shield the light source. They come in 4’ or 8’ sections, are field- cuttable, and can be painted to color-match any surface.

  23. How many live ends do I need for a 40' run of Linear™ track around the perimeter of a room using SBH-101 fixtures?
    The number of live ends required depends on the load. For example, if you are putting (4) SBH-101 (3W each) fixtures per foot. That is 12 watts per foot x 40ft = 480 total watts.
    The 3W lamp is only available in a 12 volt version. To avoid a voltage drop, we suggest that you use a 500W transformer which has (2) 250W 12volt outputs and (2) live ends. Your two runs of 240 watts do not exceed the tracks capacity or the 20ft run length limitation.

  24. I have a 4’ Linear™ track with 35W fixtures on it. Can I hook up two transformers to the track because one is not strong enough to power all the fixtures?
    No, divide the track in two sections and two power feeds (live ends). Wiring two transformers together will cause immediate system failure.

  25. Are Linear™ system rated 50/60 Hz?
    You may use the EN-12 Series or the SST Series electronic transformer in this application. They are rated 50/60Hz. The magnetic SRT series transformers are only rated 60Hz.

  26. Will any of your Linear™ track heads take color lenses?
    Yes, all of the small halogen fixtures may be fitted with a variety of color lenses, filters and louvers. They simply replace the clear lens that comes with the fixture. The only exception is the SF-214 that requires the addition of a lens clip only available in the MR16 size.

  27. What are the differences between the Xenon and Halogen lamps/fixtures? Are there any advantages of one over the other?
    The two are designed for specific applications. The halogen fixtures employ MR11 and MR16 lamps and provide a higher level of lighting. The Xenon lamp fixtures employ smaller wattage lamps and are designed for use where a subtle light source is required – cove lighting, in/under cabinet, toe space, etc. The xenon light burns cooler than the halogen lamp, however, the halogen light emits a whiter color. The xenon fixtures are also much more energy efficient.

  28. I noticed that the socket wires on Linear™ track heads are short and don’t permit the light to be directed toward the track. Is this intentional?
    Yes, the directed heat can damage the ceiling or track. They are designed to shine away from the track.

  29. Can I install QUICK CONNECT™ fixtures on the Linear™ system?
    Yes, you may connect QUICK CONNECT™ fixtures to the Linear™ system using the adapter (SADP).

  30. Can Linear™ fixtures be mounted as monopoints?

  31. How is the Linear™ TRACK SYSTEM sustainable?
    The Linear™ TRACK SYSTEM works with low voltage xenon and halogen fixtures. It has a Five-Year Warranty and is Responsibly produced in the WAC clean, zero landfill manufacturing campus.
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