LEDme® - Step and Wall Lights

MODEL : WL-LED100, WL-LED200, WL-LED400, WL-LED300


  1. Do I need a driver for the step lights?
    No, a driver is not necessary. All relevant materials are built in. Suitable for direct wiring.
  2. Can I connect fixtures in parallel?
    Yes, up to 200 pieces can be connected in parallel.
  3. Can I dim this fixture?
    This fixture may be dimmed to 1% with an electronic low voltage (ELV) dimmer.
  4. Is the LED module replaceable?
    Yes, but the LED Module has 40,000 hours of rated life before replacement is necessary.
  5.  What kind of junction box is needed?
    This fixture fits into a standard 2’’ X 4’’ junction box with minimum inside dimensions of 3’’H X 2’’W X 2’’H.
  6.  Is this fixture outdoor rated?
    Yes, it is wet location rated, and meets IP66 standards for indoor and outdoor installations.
  7. What should be done to prevent water seepage into fixture?
    It is recommended that the installer run a bead of clear, outdoor-rated silicone (GE RTV-162 or equivalent, provided by others) caulk between gasket or back of fixture, and mounting surface to prevent seepage of water into fixture.
  8. Is a gasket required for indoor installations?
    No, a gasket is not required for indoor installations, and it can be discarded. The gasket is to ensure airtight installation for outdoor applications.
  9. Are there any visible mounting screws on these fixtures?
    No, the surface of the step light is flush. No visible hardware is present.
  10. What kind of material are these products made from?
    The step lights are made from die cast aluminum to ensure fixture quality.


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