120V Track System - Two Circuit

  1. Is the WAC Lighting J2 style two-circuit track system UL listed?
    Yes, it is UL & C.UL listed for both the United States and Canada.
  2. What’s the difference between two-circuit and single-circuit track?
    You can think of two-circuit track as two tracks combined as one. Two-circuit track enables the use of two separately controlled circuits on one section of track. The two-circuit track can be wired with two separate feeds. Each track circuit can then handle up to 2400 watts (de-rated to 1920 usable watts is recommended). This saves on installation costs by eliminating the need for separate runs. Another option is to use one circuit feed and control it with two switches.
  3. Do all of your track heads work on the two-circuit track?
    No, only the JHT & JTK style heads work with the J2 style two-circuit track.  These track heads work on the first circuit in their standard configuration and then can be adapted to work on the second circuit with the addition of the J-CLIP accessory.
  4. How do I get the track heads to work on the second circuit?
    On our JHT and JTK style heads, one of the contacts is marked with a “P”.  Use a needle nose pliers or similar tool to raise the contact, and then use a J-CLIP to hold it in place.  This raised contact will make contact with the second circuit wire.
  5. What accessories will I need to suspend my tracks 3' on a sloped ceiling? How do you bring power from the end of the rod to the track?
    You will need 36” suspension kits (SK36), and sloped ceiling adapters (SK14).  You will also need a live end to power the track.  For our 2-circuit track, we offer the option of using a wire way - model # J2-WCOV that can conceal the wire 10 inches from the rod to the live end.

    Refer to the installation instructions that come with the suspension kits for wiring information.

    Basically, you will require two suspension kits for 4' track, three kits for 6' or 8', and four kits for the 12’ track section.
  6. How do I suspend a track 6½’ from the ceiling?
    To get 6½’, you need a basic SK48 suspension kit, plus two 36” rods (R36), two couplers (RI), and an SK05 adapter kit to field cut the suspension rod.  As with all unique or custom installations, feel free to call the technical department at WAC Lighting with any questions.
  7. Are the tracks cuttable in the field?
    Yes, follow the procedure explained in the instructions.
  8. I do not see a floating canopy option for your J2 two-circuit track.  How do I make a clean connection along my track?
    You will want to use the octagon box cover (J2-UCP) and I-Power Connector (J2-IPWR).  This accessory provides a clean appearance that can go over any of our J2 track connections. Just remove the plastic cover from the connector and the J2-UCP becomes the new cover.
  9. I am trying to install a live end into a track, but the end cap keeps coming off.  What am I doing wrong?
    The live end requires a fair amount of pressure to insert, and subsequently the end cap and bus wires may push out of the opposite end of the track if not braced against a secure surface.

  10. If your track can accommodate 20 Amps on each circuit, why do you advise only using 80% of the capacity?
    Each circuit can fully handle 20 Amps, but because of field installation conditions such as the quality of existing building wiring, track distance run, number of connections, etc., we advise de-rating the track by 20%.  An additional benefit to using a conservative load factor is that you have the opportunity to add new fixtures to your track in the future if needed.
  11. Can two-circuit track be dimmed?
    That depends on several factors. Fluorescent or metal halide track heads cannot be dimmed. Incandescent fixtures may be dimmed on one of the two-circuits. The dimmer should be one with a grounded neutral connection. Additionally low volt track heads should have an electronic low voltage dimmer switch.
  12. Do you have a device that enables me to mount a track from the wall?
    The (TBKT) wall mount track bracket allows you to mount your track 24” from the wall.
  13. How is WAC's 120V TWO-CIRCUIT TRACK LIGHTING SYSTEM sustainable?
    WAC's 120V TWO-CIRCUIT TRACK LIGHTING SYSTEM has a Five-Year Warranty and is Responsibly produced in our clean, zero landfill manufacturing campus with in-house testing labs.
  14. Which track connectors for your J2 series are power-feedable?

    The chart below outlines all the connector accessories:                                                                 
COMPONENT    Power Feedable?  Part Number
Straight line connector with dead end No J2-IDEC 
Straight line connector with power feed Yes J2-IPWR
Straight line connector No J2-I
“L” connectors Yes J2-LLEFT, J2-LRIGHT
“T” connector Yes J2-T
“X” connector Yes J2-X
Flexible track connector Yes J2-FLX
Live end connector Yes J2-LE
Live end connector for BX cable Yes  J2-BXLE
T-Bar End Feed  Yes J2-TBLE


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