120V Track System - Single Circuit

  1. Are your track lighting systems UL listed?
    Yes, they are UL & C.UL listed for both the United States and Canada.
  2. Why do you have three different track systems?
    Having three systems gives us flexibility in meeting the needs of all our customers.  By having systems that are compatible with other track systems in the marketplace, our fixtures are available for retrofit jobs. Some customers stock more than one system to expand their selections.
  3. Is there an advantage of one system over another?
    No, each system has its own mechanical and design features.  It’s a matter of personal preference.
  4. Do you need different types of track fixtures for the L, H or J track systems?
    Yes, the track fixture must be compatible with the track being used.  For example, an L track fixture can only be used on a type L track system.
  5. Being a new WAC distributor, which system would you recommend that we carry?
    The “H” system.  It has the most available accessories and is stocked in greater quantities.
  6. Can your track heads be used with other UL manufacturers track?
    It depends on the manufacturer. We have listed our heads for use on other major brands of track.  Check with your distributor or contact our WAC Lighting Specialist at 800.526.2588.
  7. The “L” series track head is extremely hard to insert into original Lightolier tracks.  I’m afraid I might break the fixture.  What should I do?
    It is a very tight fit, but nonetheless, it will work.  As long as the track head goes in once, it is loosened, and can then easily be placed anywhere along the length of the track.
  8. Since the floating canopy powers the track anywhere along its length, can it be placed at the end?
    Yes, but not all the way at the end. Unlike the live end, it cannot be used as an end piece.  It can only be placed next to the end cap at the furthest point.
  9. How do I extend a line voltage track head?
    Only line voltage fixtures from the “H” system may be extended.  We offer 18”, 24”, 36” and 48” lengths (H18, H24, H36 and H48).
  10. Can the line voltage extensions be shortened?
    No, they are one integral piece and cannot be shortened.  
  11. What accessories will I need to suspend my tracks 3' on a sloped ceiling?  How do you bring power from the end of the rod to the track?
    You will need 36” suspension kits (SK36), and sloped ceiling adapters (SK14).  You will also need a live end to power the track.  The wire goes to a live end connector (or an “L”, “X”, “T”, “FLX”, “I-PWR”) on the end. Refer to the installation instructions that come with the suspension kits for wiring information.

    Basically, you will require two suspension kits for a 2' or 4' track, and three kits for 6' or 8' track sections.
  12. How do I suspend a track 6½’ from the ceiling?
    To get 6½’, you need a basic SK48 suspension kit, plus two 36” rods (R36), two couplers (RI), and an SK05 adapter kit to field cut the suspension rod.  As with all unique or custom installations, feel free to contact a WAC Lighting Specialist at 800.526.2588.
  13. I am trying to install a live end into a track, but the end cap keeps coming off. What am I doing wrong?
    The live end requires a fair amount of pressure to insert, and subsequently the end cap and bus wires may push out of the opposite end of track if it not braced against a secure surface. Brace the track and insert the live end. There should be no bus wires extruding from the opposite end if installed correctly.
  14. How can I tell the difference between L, H, and J fixtures?
    The overall look is exactly the same.  They differ in the way they each fit into the track.  The adapter of an “H” fixture has three silver colored contacts – two on one side, and one on the other.  An “L” fixture has two silver contacts shaped like a propeller.   And the “J”  fixture has 2 rounded contacts and one side is marked “P”.  The “J” fixtures will fit our “J2” two-circuit track, by pulling up the contact marked “P”, and inserting a “J-CLIP” to hold it in place.
  15. What accessory will I need if I want to hang a 10-pound chandelier off my track?
    You need a suspension loop (X-LOOP) which accepts chain-hung fixtures up to 35 pounds and provides a connection point to the fixture powered from the track.
  16. How many Live Ends do I need for a 30' run of track?
    The number of live ends required depends on the load, and not on the length.  The track is able to accommodate 20 Amp, at 80% capacity, i.e. 16 Amp.  That works out to 1920 watts maximum. Say, you are putting (30) LHT-180L-WT (75W) fixtures into the 30' of track.

    - Watts/ Volts  = Amps
    - Each 75W fixture will draw 75/120  =  0.625 Amps
    - (30) 75W fixture will draw 0.625 X 30  =  18.75 Amps
    Since the maximum load of the track is 16A, you will need 2 power feeds for 18.75Amp.
  17. If your track can accommodate 20 Amps, why do you advise to use only 80% of capacity?
    The track can fully handle 20 Amps, but because of field installation conditions such as the quality of existing building wiring, track distance run, number of connections, etc., it is common practice to de-rate the track by 20%.  An additional benefit of using a conservative load factor is that you have the opportunity to add new fixtures to your track in the future if needed.
  18. Do you have a device that enables me to mount a track away from the wall?
    The TBKT will do just that, the extension length is 24".
  19. I need some track lighting for use in Europe, is your track lighting rated 50/60 Hz?
    Yes, all our track is rated for 50/60Hz.
  20. Which track heads would you recommend for use in an outdoor restaurant by the sea?
    Our track systems and most others are not rated for outdoor use.
  21. Do you have a low profile track head for use in a kiosk?
    Yes.  In the low voltage style most of the track heads would be considered to be small profile, however the series 802, 809, 846, and 866 would all be good choices.  In a line voltage style, the #178 is a small track head that will handle all “A”, “PAR” and “R” lamps, which would make it a very versatile option.  These are all available for our three track systems.
  22. Will any of your track heads take color lenses?
    Yes. In fact, we have a wide variety of color lenses, filters and louvers to accommodate both the MR16 and MR11 size fixtures.  They simply replace the clear lens that comes with the fixture. Thicker lenses and louvers may not be adaptable to all styles, See page 193-194 of WAC Lighting catalog or our website, www.waclighting.com, for our compatibility matrix or contact our WAC Lighting Specialist at 800.526.2588 for any questions.
  23. How do I order your line voltage flexible fixtures?
    Our line voltage flexible fixtures are adaptable to all three of our track systems and as surface mounts (see questions on surface mounts):

    - H track - 3-wire track (HTK-024/HTK-048)
    - L track  - 2-wire track (LTK-024/LTK-048)
    - J track  -  Wide 2-wire track (JTK-024/JTK-048)
    - Surface mounts (MO-024/ MO-048)
  24. How is the 120V SINGLE CIRCUIT TRACK TRACK SYSTEMS sustainable?
    Our 120V SINGLE CIRCUIT TRACK TRACK SYSTEMS have a Five-Year Warranty and are Responsibly produced in the WAC clean, zero landfill manufacturing campus.
  25. Which connectors are power feedable?
    The chart below outlines all of our WAC Lighting “connector” accessories:
Floating canopy  Yes Yes Yes
Mono Point  Yes Yes Yes
Straight line connector with dead end No No No
Straight line connector with power feed Yes Yes Yes
Straight line connector No No No
“L” connectors Yes Yes Yes
“T” connector Yes No Yes
“X” connector Yes No Yes
Flexible track connector   Yes Yes Yes
Live end connector Yes Yes Yes
Live end connector for BX cable  Yes Yes Yes


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