120V Track System Low Voltage Luminaires

  1. Are your track lighting systems UL listed?
    Yes, it is UL & C.UL listed for both the United States and Canada.
  2. Do you need different types of track fixtures for the L, H or J track systems?
    Yes, the track fixture must be compatible with the track being used. For example, an L track fixture can only be used on a type L track system.
  3. Why do you have three different track systems?
    Having three systems gives us flexibility in meeting the needs of all our customers. By having systems that are compatible with other track systems in the marketplace, our fixtures are available for retrofit jobs. Some customers stock more than one system to expand their selections.
  4. How can I tell if a fixture is low or line voltage?
    The low voltage fixture has an oblong transformer box, whereas the line voltage fixture has a simple square adapter.
  5. You offer two types of framing projectors. What is the difference between the 008FP and the 009?
    The 008FP has one lens and is good for forming a rectangular area of light on an artwork. The 009 has two lenses for focusing and producing a larger pattern range. The 009 also allows the use of a gobo, which is a type of stencil for projecting logos or images on a wall. The 008FP is an attachment to the 007 fixture, while the 009 is a complete fixture.
  6. Do you have barn doors available for your low voltage track heads?
    Our series 801 track head has the option of barn doors (801-BD). This is our only low voltage track head with a specific barn door option.
  7. How do I extend a low voltage track head?
    The low voltage track heads with extensions are made to order at our facility. We have 6”, 12”, 18", 24", 36" and 48" drops. All standard low voltage track heads may be fitted with an extension. Simply add the desired extension length to the track head when ordering. For example: X18-HHT-809-WT
  8. Can the low voltage extensions be field shortened?
    No. They are one integral piece and cannot be field shortened.
  9. How do I order a low voltage track head as a 75W unit?
    The standard version of track heads is 50W max, adding the letter ”L” as a suffix to the model number signifies the 75W max version. Using the 808 round back as an example, See below for ordering information for a black 50W and 75W unit. Notice that you use the “L” suffix when ordering a large capacity track head.











  10. Since the integral transformers for the low voltage track heads are electronic, what type of dimmers would I require?
    We recommend the use of an electronic low voltage dimmer.
  11. Do you have any track heads in brushed nickel?
    Yes. Some of our more popular styles are available in brushed nickel. For example, LHT-809-BN. Check the current WAC Lighting catalog or our website, www.waclighting.com, for finish options.
  12. I would like to use a low voltage fixture as a monopoint, but the transformer doesn’t fit on the monopoint accessory. What do you suggest?
    You may order any low voltage style as a surface mount fixture on an LP or ME canopy base (with the transformer hidden inside the canopy) or the MI or MO base (with a remote transformer). See the surface mount section of WAC Lighting’s main catalog or our website, www.waclighting.com, for further details.
  13. Will any of your track heads take color lenses?
    Yes. In fact, we have a wide variety of color lenses, filters and louvers to accommodate both the MR16 and MR11 size fixtures. They simply replace the clear lens that comes with the fixture. Thicker lenses and louvers may not be adaptable to all styles. See page 419 - 420 of WAC Lighting’s main catalog or our website, www.waclighting.com, for compatibility matrix or feel free to call with any questions, 800.526.2588.
  14. How can I tell the difference between an L, H, and a J, fixture?
    The overall look is exactly the same. They differ in the way they each fit into the track. The adapters look different on top. Page 206 of WAC Lighting’s main catalog and website show the visual differences for easy identification.
  15. You also offer a J2 track, which fixtures will fit that?
    All “J” series fixtures have a movable contact (marked with a “P”) that will fit in the J2 two-circuit track. The contact is raised as needed to fit the second circuit and then secured by a “J-CLIP”.
  16. What type of track system would you recommend for my application?
    a) Aesthetic considerations aside, choose the lamp beam pattern appropriate for your mounting height and distance from the objects being illuminated.
    b) Now select your track type. Do you need one-circuit or two-circuit track? In most cases single circuit will be fine. The H style track is the most common in the marketplace; consequently our stock position on this is the highest. A simple installation consists of the track, track heads, and live end feed or floating canopy to power the track. However, the desired configuration of the track, mounting type, total wattage of the system, are among some of the aspects needing to be considered. It is always best to start by sketching out the room and where you want to mount the track, from there it becomes easier to calculate the parts list for the track system. A separate design guide for track systems is available by request from your local WAC sales representative.
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